New product: Waka Waka

This year we introduced a new brand to our line of products – the Waka Waka. Waka Waka is known for not only the exceptional quality of their products, but also for empowering those less fortunate. When you purchase a Waka Waka product, you share the sun. Literally! Because for every product sold Waka Waka promises to share the sun with people who live without electricity. From refugees to natural disaster survivors or even those living in more rural areas – Waka Waka provides simple yet durable energy solutions.

Currently we can offer you two fantastic Waka Waka products: the Power+ and the Waka Waka Solar Panel & Link. The Power+ comes with a built in lamp which is incredibly handy. The Dynaf Group team has tested the products and we can guarantee you that by purchasing one of the Dynaf Waka Waka products you will be getting a quality product with high power yields.

The Waka Waka products are perfect for hiking, camping, rural activities or for unexpected power outages. Don’t be left in the dark, get your Waka Waka today!

Stay tuned for more on the Dynaf Waka Waka products with a complete review and product unboxing.

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