Charging Solutions

Charging Solutions

Charging your car is as simple as charging your phone. Just plug the cable into your car and start charging.

We offer smart charging stations in combination with the most complete, independent EV charging & smart energy management platform for your e-Mobility business. We can seamlessly adapt this flexible energy transaction platform to your company’s needs. Together we move forward. Electric vehicles, charging points, decentralized energy production and new ways of electric mobility all contribute to improving the quality of life for residents and visitors.

Business Smart Charging Station

• Scalable
With our smart and scalable technology, you can save on cost by connecting up to 20 D-POINT charging stations to one single modem.
• Flexible

You can install our smart Business Line on a pole or mount it into a wall. You can also choose to have one or two connectors.
• Durable

The fully CE-certified Business Line is vandal-proof, fireproof and weather-resistant. Business Line robust and modular build makes it easy to install and maintain.

Residential Smart Charging

• Future Proof
Click-on features and modular build, all you need is to do is upgrade your charging cable & charging capacity.
• Efficient

Once Residential D-POINT is installed by your electrician, you just need to click the station and the cable and D-POINT is ready to charge.
• Smart

Being connected to the brand-new D-POINT platform and mobile app, D-POINT allows you to track your charging sessions from the palm of your hand.

D-Point Charging Solutions

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