We are proud to have launched our new brand D-POINT being part of the ongoing evolution of Charging Stations in the Caribbean. Dynaf wants to play a key role in improving the infrastructure for Electric Vehicles.

D-POINT is the most convenient way to charge your car at your home or office with the fastest recharge speed. Simply plug in your electric car into EV station to charge and unplug to drive. You can charge up to eight times faster with our reliable, safe, and easy-to-use D-POINT charging station. Which is by the way, preferred by leading automotive brands. D-POINT is great for all EV drivers who want to minimize charge time to have more time for the important things in life.

D-POINT Charging Stations are now available in all Dynaf Offices in the Caribbean. Contact our Sales team for more information, schedule a test drive or come and see D-POINT in our showrooms on Curaçao, Aruba and Sint-Maarten.

Our mission is to make it possible to charge your car everywhere you park.


Let’s meet Mr. D-POINT

Mr. D-POINT is the virtual brand ambassador for the D-POINT brand. He represents the way D-POINT wants to connect with its (potential) customers. Mr. D-POINT exudes an energetic playfulness that can be described as fun, energetic, sporty, smart, witty, trustworthy and helpful. He is a character who will always help someone in a friendly, personal and polite way.


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