Working at Dynaf

Working at Dynaf

Why Dynaf? Everything we do at Dynaf Group is because we believe it’s all about power. We act. We learn. We get better.

How? By creating meaningful energy power innovations to face challenges, big or small. When you start a career with us, you’ll be joining an organization with 20+ years of history in power innovations in the Caribbean. Dynaf shows proven entrepreneurship to lead the market.

Working together with us, you’ll be part of a diverse culture that puts people first; our team and our customers. We believe that ambition is the first step to success. The second one is action. And everybody who’s part of our team has our back and deserves our trust to be able to develop to the fullest potential. Dynaf Group manifests itself as a winner yet always remains down-to-earth, modest and friendly. We are transparent, open-minded and we never quit. Although we know what we’re doing and surely comprehend what we’re talking about, we prefer to let our proven track record do most of the talking.

We act informal but are always polite. We try to avoid long sentences and puffed-up language. We don’t mince words. We encourage our co-workers to be pro-active and accountable. We value people who aren’t afraid to take courageous decisions prioritize impact over effort. We appreciate passionate colleagues who work effectively together to show their shared drive for success. People who are eager to learn and improve and can inspire others to do the same thing are always welcome at Dynaf Group.

We are Dynaf Group. Make it possible. Make it happen.