On every island a team of professionals – our back office working closely together with the service department – concentrates on one single objective: fulfilling every request for spare parts in the best time possible. In our warehouse we keep a large stock with essential parts. We have 8,000 items available on-site and over 30,000 parts available through our catalogue; from full diesel engines to filters, control panels and electrical components.


Dynaf has a long and successful relationship working with ComAp Controllers.
The main ComAp product categories are: ATS controllers, Generator controllers, Engine controllers, Off-road machinery controllers, Controllers for renewable energy, Accessories, Inventions, Pc tools, Mains protections and Electronic potentiometers.
Hundreds of projects and many years of experience implementing ComAp controllers for a large variety of solutions safeguards your service to stay up, as you and whenever you need it to.


Over the years our technicians have installed ComAp in every possible genset application, ranging from ready-to-use stand-alone generators to complex high-tech installations for hospitals, data centers, utility companies, production facilities and financial institutions.
ComAp controllers are excellent remote monitoring features to make your equipment easily accessible at any time. Reduce unwanted downtime or failures and improve management of your ComAp monitored equipment.