Making more impact and improving Aruba 

Making more impact and improving Aruba 

A visit to the gas station will soon cost considerably more. We will all feel this as residents of Aruba. Nobody is waiting for price increases. Unfortunately, this is the reality. Prices have been on the rise for some time now. In a year, the gasoline price in Aruba has risen from 144.7 cents to 221.6 cents per liter. This will probably continue for a while. As an island, there is not much that can be done about the purchase price of fuel. As a driver of petrol and diesel cars you have to accept that you have to pay more when the oil price rises.

You can accept this fickle price. But you can also make sure that this rising price no longer affects you, in a smart way. The solution you are looking for is an electric car. With an EV you never have to visit a gas station again. Fluctuating oil prices will then no longer affect your wallet. You are self-sufficient. With an electric charging station you charge the car eight times faster than when you put the car on the supplied emergency charger. Furthermore, the current through the charger is regulated, so that the battery is not damaged by the fluctuating electricity voltage. An important side note is that when fuel prices rise, our electricity prices also rise, because a large part of the electricity is still generated with fossil fuels. Which is not necessary. We are very well endowed with one or more renewable energy sources such as wind, sun and wave power. Together, this means that the goal of fully renewable energy can be feasible by 2033 and that fossil fuels no longer need to be imported.

As soon as you install solar panels in addition to the charging station, you can drive for free from that moment on. All electricity used to charge the car is generated from the sun. When there are enough panels on a carport or roof, much more can be supplied with that electricity. Fortunately, the sun shines abundantly on Aruba and it is almost a shame to pay for fuel when you can generate electricity yourself and store it in a battery. You will never again be dependent on other people’s pricing if you invest smartly in this way. Blackouts and electricity price increases will also no longer affect you. With these solutions you can be independent of giants who cannot supply electricity for periods of time or charge enormous amounts for their fuel and electricity.

You not only help yourself with buying sustainable solutions, you also help the island and the community. Together we can make Aruba greener and thus make a statement for the climate and the economy. As an island, we can set an example for the Caribbean and share our knowledge and products with others. By using solar energy, you also avoid having to import petrol and diesel over and over again. That money can be used to boost our local economy. Let’s start making more impact and improving Aruba!

Prices are determined on the basis of the international oil price. That price depends on the amount of oil that is pumped and the demand from users. Due to the pandemic, demand fell and so did the prices. Now the world economy is starting to recover and the demand for oil products is rising and so are the prices.

Stop paying too much and invest wisely. By driving an electric car, based on the electricity tariff, driving an EV costs half compared to the same car with a petrol engine. If you combine this with solar energy, the savings will be much greater.

Don’t throw your money away and visit Dynaf. We will inform you about which solution suits you best and how you can save the most money. This applies to business and private customers. Contact or call +297 583 4956 to schedule your appointment!

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