Why its worth going through the hassle of looking for an internship in the HR department

Why its worth going through the hassle of looking for an internship in the HR department

Intern Human Recource Natessa is doing her internship at the Dynaf Group and is offered a job (2019)

4 years ago when I got to the university I was still naïve back then and I thought that everything came easily. Well, let me tell you, I was wrong. Throughout my 4 years at the university we were always assigned to do projects in which we had to visit companies to get an insight of the courses we were getting in that period. The companies (to create independence of course) we had to look for them ourselves. And every time we had to look for a company it was a hassle, it was not an easy task at all because most companies did not cooperate with students. Most companies didn’t want to create the time for students who wanted to visit them and ask them some questions, let alone an internships.

As students we knew from the beginning that we had to later on do an internship. S we quickly realized that getting an internship and especially in an HR department wouldn’t be easy. Why do I say especially in the HR department? Because every time when we finally got a company to do our projects with, we were told that companies don’t take interns in the HR department easily. It’s a very confidential department and you don’t let just anyone work in that department. Seeing that an intern is a student who will stay for a short amount of time you don’t know if you can rely on that person or not so some companies don’t even want to take the risk.

When the time came to look for a company to do my internship at, it was not easy. I was rejected many times. So one day I was at school and a fellow classmate told me that she saw on linked in that an HR manager was looking for an intern so I contacted her immediately and that’s how I got my internship at Dynaf Caribbean. I didn’t even know back then that Dynaf existed. That’s when I realized one of my biggest mistakes was focusing on the bigger firms instead of the smaller ones.

For me up until now, there is no better place than Dynaf to do an internship at. Since the first day I felt at home right away. And I keep learning new things every day. The company culture is a very diverse and relaxed culture in which you can be yourself but still grow as a person and to me there is no better company culture than that.

As an HR student its important to do an internship because while doing the internship you learn to apply all the knowledge and skills you obtained throughout your years in school. You’ll understand the ins and the outs of the industry and you can envision for yourself if it something you really would want to do for long term.

After my personal experience I would want to give a few tips on  how to get an internship:

  • stay positive and persistent
  • Don’t focus on big firms but on the smaller ones
  • Try securing a company from in advance, don’t wait until the last minute.
  • Be alert and open minded.
  • Be confident and courage’s.

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