Dynaf Group & BSLBATT

Dynaf Group & BSLBATT sign dealership

Dynaf Group & BSLBATT sign dealership strategic cooperation agreement

We are pleased to announce that Dynaf Group has expanded its relationship with Chinese lithium battery manufacturer, BSLBATT, by signing a new dealer agreement to explore ways to provide the Caribbean market with reliable, high quality, stable and complete energy solutions to support the scaling up of the renewable energy transition. This partnership is an excellent mix in Caribbean experience and innovative solar Lithium Battery PV Systems. 

“Power is our strength. Not just electrical power, but the power of partnership, service, and skills. Only together can you take the next steps, so we are happy that we converted our collaboration with BSLBATT into an official dealer agreement, Kris Bouwstra Chief Commercial Officer of Dynaf Group”.

“We are delighted to have the Caribbean’s most specialized solar team as our new customer. With our 20 years of experience in lithium-ion batteries, we offer high-performance, reliable and sustainable solutions for both residential and commercial applications to support Dynaf Group’s further efforts to provide our customers with lithium batteries as an alternative to lead acid.” Eric Yi, CEO of BSLBATT Energy, said. “The partnership with Dynaf Group is an important step as it provides us with another significant opportunity to strengthen the Caribbean market, leading to more realistic, large-scale progress towards electrification in the region.”

BSLBATT specialize in providing innovative power solutions with significant advantages in renewable energy applications, making them a worthwhile investment for long-term smart solutions. The product models for this partnership include the Rack-mount Battery B-LFP48-100E and the Wall-mount Battery B-LFP48-200PW, B-LFP48-300PW. 

The BSLBATT solar energy storage products use LiFePO4 battery chemistry, also known as LFP (lithium ferro-phosphate) offering a longer cycle life, and much higher level of safety compared with other lithium technologies. 

The unique BSLBATT Battery Management System(BMS) uses industry leading technology and provides you with higher current and peak-power ratings than other lithium battery products on the market. These factors combined to make this an ideal energy storage solution for demanding solar applications and off grid installs. 

BSLBATT batteries are compatible with Victron and the combination of these two brands gives solar homeowners a powerful option. Stay tuned for what’s to come.

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