Make things happen and big things will happen for you

Make things happen and big things will happen for you

Electrical Engineering Intern Meldrikson is doing his
internship at the Dynaf Group from August until December (2020) and after that he will do his graduation internship from January until May (2021)

Meldrikson Benilia’s Self Reflection

“Make things happen and big things will happen for you”. Those were the first words that the Technical & Service manager Mr. Francis Martina said to me that made a big impact on my performance during my internship at Dynaf. It motivated me to work harder to achieve my internship assignment successfully and helped me to make a good impression.

Since 2017 I have been studying Electrical Engineering at the University of Curaçao (UoC) with a mayor of Energy Technology. The emphasis of the study is Electrical facilities, Electrical machines, power electronics and alternative energy. As part of this study it is required to do an internship in order to gain practical experiences. The world is shifting toward sustainability, that is why I got inspired to do my internship in this field.

Applying for an internship is not easy. Imagine applying for an internship during an outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. This pandemic has spread around the world including our island, Curacao. Meaning that an internship abroad was out of the question. In Curacao it was very difficult to find a company that was willing to accept students to do their internship during the pandemic. Without any fright I had put my faith in God and I kept searching.

After searching, I have found this amazing team of Dynaf that has opened their doors to give me an opportunity to enlarge my knowledge, grow and gain lots of experience in this line of work that I’ve been studying for.

Dynaf is continuously improving its processes with regard to its services. The goal is to serve the customers better by being more efficient with things such as e.g. failures to deal with. Dynaf needed to make a complete inventory of the solar installations that they are providing service now. Because of this I had the opportunity to carry out an assignment to improve the service platform of the solar system.

My internship at the Dynaf Group was a growth opportunity as a fourth-year electrical engineer student. Generally, my experience working at Dynaf has significantly helped me to develop and refine my engineering skills by working on significant, open ended, team-based engineering design.

This internship has allowed me to cultivate technical skills and the ability to be systems thinkers, to be capable and skilled in bringing creativity and innovation to a design. Furthermore, I also developed problem solving skills, learned to be an independent learner, to be an effective communicator and team player in my professional and personal life.

All the lessons learned during my internship, helped me to value relational and transactional experiences. As I reflect on my experience as an intern at Dynaf, I realize how grateful I am for all the skills that I acquired during the internship period.

As already mentioned, I have learned many lessons during my internship. First, I have learned that it is important to not be afraid to follow your guts. Many projects or tasks that will be given to you will not always have a direct answer and this is when you should show your creativity and knowledge. Moreover, you should not be afraid to ask questions because you are in a learning experience where there are co-workers or friends that have experience and that will be willing to help you.

One of my favorite experiences here at Dynaf is that they give you the freedom to work in the way that you believe is the best and this gives you the chance to use your imagination. They also taught me how to manage my time correctly and efficiently, and I learned how to analyze and understand every kind of situation that falls under this line of work.

Another experience that I have enjoyed was interacting with clients. This made me step out of my comfort-zone and to communicate with the clients to give them an amazing service here at Dynaf.

I would also like to mention that the employees who are working here at Dynaf are tremendous with lots of work experience and are always open to pass their wisdom down to us, the future of tomorrow.

Steve jobs once said, “Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people”. I couldn’t agree more, especially after observing the hard work of the team players I saw during my internship at Dynaf.

Lastly, I would like to conclude that I am very proud and appreciative that I could be a part of this amazing and dynamic team of Dynaf!

– It’s all about power –

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