My experience at Dynaf

My name is Jean-Michel and I did my graduation internship at Dynaf. Dynaf is a fast growing and innovative company where the sky is the limit.  The informal culture at Dynaf makes you immediately feel at home. I wrote my research about how Dynaf could optimize its internal logistics. Everyone at Dynaf is very helpful and they will provide you with the best tools that you need in order to complete your research. Besides writing my own research I had other responsibilities. The servicedesk was my department. My work was to help customers to meet their needs. For example, if a customer needs a new UPS, I would sell him an UPS that meets the needs of the customer.  I was the first contact for the customers and I liked my job at Dynaf very much.

Dynaf participates in multiple events after working hours. For instance, I ran an 5KM with my colleagues and you meet your co-workers on various parties across the island. 

I’m glad and proud to say that I was part of this incredible company on a beautiful island. I learned a lot about different energy solutions wich I probably would not have learned when I did an internship in The Netherlands. I would definitely recommend an internship at Dynaf. They will throw you in the deep, but never let you drown. 

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