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Core activities

As a Project Manager you are responsible for the realization of projects from the client’s order to  delivery. After a project has been scored by our commercial department, it will be delegated to you. You are involved in every phase of a project, from preparation to evaluation. Together with the project  team, you ensure that projects are carried out correctly and efficiently. You always know how to keep  an overview of the projects and you monitor the budget, the planning and the quality. You  continuously manage expectations of stakeholders involved and ensure streamlined cooperation  between all parties. You not only coordinate the work of the Project Team and installers, but also  coordinate the project progress internally with departments such as Sales, Purchasing & Warehouse,  Service & Finance.

Main responsibilities

In this position you are mainly involved in monitoring the execution of projects. You support the Sales  Managers with the preparation of quotations for technical installations. After the Sales Manager has  sold the projects, you are responsible for all steps that follow until the sold project has been completed and delivered within the calculated budget.  


  • You oversee all phases of the projects, during preparation and after implementation; 
  • You are in regular contact with clients, suppliers and/or subcontractors regarding all aspects of the project;
  • You draw up schedules in terms of time and capacity and coordinate these with the  department and divide work among the various project managers; 
  • Communicates regularly with clients; 
  • Approves assignments to selected subcontractors and checks whether the assignment  description is complete; 
  • Responsible for the project budget and ensures that the project is completed within the calculated budget; 
  • Approves procurement of project materials; 
  • Technical and systematic support of the Sales Manager during the advisory and sales process;
  • Involved in inventorying and assessing customer wishes to tailor services and products  accordingly; 
  • Monitor and regularly evaluate the progress of projects; 
  • Manage, support and coach Project Engineers;
  • After completing the project, ensure a correct transfer of the project to the customers and  parties involved (intern/external).



As a project manager you will collaborate with the Project Engineers, Sales Managers, Operations  Manager, Service Coordinator and the Purchasing & Logistical Officer. 


As a project manager you will be in contact with installers, purchasing relations (both local and  international) and customers. 

Job requirements

  • You have a completed bachelor’s degree in business administration or an MBA;
  • Technical affinity; 
  • Experience as a project manager; 
  • Able to think and work systematically; 

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