Curaçao – Esperamos supermarket – 2020

The project

The Esperamos supermarket is one of the largest supermarkets in Curaçao and is also known as ‘Your local Supermarket’. The supermarket has environmentally friendly facilities such as vegan friendly and meat friendly products. Moreover the supermarket has realized a so called ‘green area’, which is an electric charging station also provided by Dynaf. This makes it possible for people to charge their cars during their visit. To take the next step in sustainability, the supermarket has decided to use solar panels to provide the supermarket with energy. Dynaf has designed a Solar PV system containing an installed capacity of 325 kWp.

Technical specifications

Solar PV panels792 panels410 WpJA Solar
Inverters11 invertersSMA
Installed Power325 kWp
ROI2.1 years


During the installation everything went according to plan and schedule. Esperamos is very pleased with the work that Dynaf has delivered and has indicated that they also want to equip their other branch with solar panels in 2021.

Let’s power the future together!

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