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Though life doesn’t go as planned; know everything will be alright!

HRM Intern Indy

I wouldn’t have missed this for anything

Indy is doing her internship on Curaçao at Dynaf Group from 1 February 2021 until 18 June 2021.

The end is almost in sight…just three more weeks and then my internship at Dynaf will be over. The twenty weeks have flown by so quickly, despite the lockdown. Everyone always says, “Enjoy your time there, because it will be over before you know it”. I always thought that going abroad for half a year wouldn’t go that quickly. But now that I’m almost at the end I’m really starting to realize that it went really fast… I’m going to miss it here!

I had so much fun during my internship on Curaçao and within Dynaf. I would not have wanted to do my internship anywhere else. Dynaf is a quickly growing company, where nothing is too crazy. Of course, there are certain tasks and activities that have to be done, but you get so much freedom in doing them. Nothing is impossible within Dynaf!

Implement your ideas

Do you have an idea about how things can be done differently or better? Submit it and do it! An example of this: I had many applications during my internship because the organization was growing and still is. Every time I saw motivation letters and CVs passing by and I started to think it was quite “standard”. Time for a change I thought to myself, but how was I going to bring this about? I emailed the HR manager and the CCO about my ideas and within minutes I got the green light to implement them.

The idea has now been published on the website and I am extremely proud of the first video that has arrived. In this way you get a much clearer picture of the applicant and you can quickly express your findings based on the video. This idea also contributes to one of the core values ​​within Dynaf and that is proactive. This way you can immediately find out whether someone is proactive or not, because if you are not, you do not bother to do this.

Work experience

I have also worked within the Human Resource Management ‘department’, as you might have already noticed and why I put ‘department’ in brackets is not because it is not a department, but because there are no separate departments here. Everyone within Dynaf is one with each other and you notice that immediately upon entering. The atmosphere there is so informal and so open. There are no groups and hierarchies. The CEO is present during the week and the HR manager with whom I often worked, was always there.

When I look back on my internship period, I wouldn’t have missed this for anything, despite the corona pandemic I had a great time here. I did work 5.5 weeks of the 20 weeks of my internship period from my student house on Curaçao, but despite this, I only got an experience richer. Okay, it wasn’t always fun to work from home and yes, I didn’t always feel like continuing because of all the setbacks. My school didn’t want to grade me at first, because I went to an ‘orange’ country. And I was also no longer allowed to follow the classes related to internships.

Everything will work out

Together with Kris and Stephany I persevered and with results. After a few weeks I received an email from school with the good news that I was allowed to participate and was assessed. Nothing is impossible! These times have also been extremely stressful for Dynaf, but they have managed it so well. For example, they brought a loaf of bread from the baker home during the lockdown at Easter, there was a Dynaf fit morning every Tuesday and Thursday and they organized a Friday afternoon drink online. All fun activities that keep you connected to the organization despite the lockdown. Again, my compliments for this!

Finally, I learned that you can’t have everything planned down. You just have to be able to switch quickly now and then and sometimes you have to keep going even if you really don’t feel like it anymore. But these crazy times are so valuable for your personal development! Also, for Dynaf as a company, these have been extremely difficult but instructive times, which hopefully are now over. I really think Dynaf has handled it very well in these times and I’m not just saying that because I’m doing an internship there. I sincerely mean that! Dynaf thanks for the unforgettable beautiful time here!

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