I have joined the green movement with Dynaf Curaçao!

I have joined the green movement with Dynaf Curaçao!

I have joined the green movement with Dynaf Curaçao!

Intern Marketing and Communication Sovienna is doing her
internship at the Dynaf Group from February until june 2020

Nice of you to read my blog!
I’m Sovienna and I’m currently studying Communication at Avans Hogeschool in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. I completed an internship at Dynaf Curaçao. Here you can read about my experience as a marketing intern at Dynaf Curaçao. I would like to invite you to continue reading!

My home Curaçao
Besides the fact that my family is from Curaçao, I found it very interesting to be able to apply everything that I learned at school here in Curaçao, where I also lived for a while. The search for an internship  has been difficult. Some companies were quick to reply and some other did not react at all. Anyway, it has been very important for me to stay optimistic. I have to say that this hasn’t always been easy. Time has certainly been an urgent factor for me! And then… Finally some good news! I finally got an internship Dynaf Curaçao! Everything  that follows has been very exciting.  All by all I have to say that this period has been a very exciting one for me.

The reason why I chose this company is because it is based on innovative ideas and because it is a dynamic company that strives for an environmentally friendly Curaçao. In short, Dynaf offers sustainable products! Since the  first day I felt at home, thanks to my amazing colleagues. And I kept learning new things everyday from them. 

During my internship
During my internship at Dynaf Group, I learned a lot from each product group. These are: Solar panel, Generator, UPS, Solar table, Solar carports, Electric cars and charging stations. As an intern I had to make people more aware of the benefits of electric driving and that Dynaf plays a key role in improving the infrastructure for electric vehicles on Curaçao. During my internship I did a lot of things, for example: creating contents, mainly for social media. This includes photography and creating different content styles. Of course in between I also worked on my school assignments, all focused on the internship activities.

Interesting projects
I have also been able to experience various activities in the field. For example the big project where large solar panels and a huge generator were placed at Corendon Mangrove Beach Resort, which is one of the biggest hotels on the island. I took care of making photos and videos of the important moments.

The second project that I have also experienced, is the launch of another Green Area on the island and the first on Banda bou at Landhuis Savonet. During this activity a car key was handed over. This is an electric car that Carmabi bought from Dynaf. I also made photos and videos of these special moments.

Fun & unique moments
Performing the above tasks, I have found some fun and also unique moments. I’ve done them all with great pleasure and interest. They have been exciting and very interesting learning moments for me as an intern.

Another fun moment was  Dynaf’s donuts surprise day. On this day we were surprised with a box of donuts delivered at home. During the period of quarantine/shelter in place we also had to work from home. Something new for all of us! It went very well. We regularly held virtual meetings.

Both before and after lockdown we held our regular sports day. Let’s be stronger and fitter together! On such a day we usually climb the Fort Nassau together. Or there will be fitting sessions outdoor at Dynaf. I like the initiative of Dynaf and his employees very much.

All by all, I had a great time at Dynaf!

I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog about my internship at Dynaf Group.

Be a pioneer! Join the Green Movement with Dynaf!

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