D-POINT station hunt

D-POINT charity hunt

Despite Covid, the popularity of EV driving in Curaçao increased enormously in 2020. So we are moving forward, the right moment for us to organize for Curaçao the D-POINT Charity Hunt.

The approximately 200 EV-drivers of Curaçao are invited to participate in this hunt as long as it will be before December 31st 2020. All D-POINT public charging points over the island are incorporated in the hunt. With the information about the D-POINT locations during the hunt, Dynaf shows the (future) EV drivers the possibilities of endless EV driving on this island. This way, we hope electric driving on Curaçao will be more and more popular.

The entry fee is a charity contribution for Daily Meal Program* , with a minimum of Naf 75, – per EV**.

Register by mail: dpoint@dynaf.com or call our office at 736 32 99, enter name and WhatsApp/phone number, license plate and you will receive the D-POINT map and all hunting details.

There will be nice goody-bags available for all participating EV drivers!
Participants get the chance to win a Coral Estate staycation, diner at Chogogo Resort and more…

No time to participate in the hunt? Donation for the Daily Mail program is very welcome!

 * Daily Meal Program  

Daily Meal Program is founded during the Corona Crisis for the most pour and depending people of Curaçao, including homeless people. DMP just moved on to phase 2 and focusses mainly on the self-reliance of the residents of Curaçao. The aim is to offer people, without cooking facilities, the opportunity to prepare a daily meal together in various Sentros di Bario (community centers). For example in Wishi/Marchena they started a program which allows neighborhood residents to use the kitchen of their Sentro di Bario and prepare a daily meal together. DMP provides them with cooking supplies and takes care of the costs of water, electricity, gas and the kitchen. The residents themselves take the initiative of preparing the meals, but DMP provides guidance and teaches the community to cook with healthy ingredients. www.dailymealprogram.com www.d-point.net  #dailymealprogram #dpointstation


** Bank account

Bank account Daily Meal Program: MCB 322 507 00 att. Stichting Sona, subject: DMP, donation DPOINTCharity

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